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It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that on 9th February 2014 our dearest friend John past away. We and all that knew him will miss his great spirit,  deep knowledge and the love he had for the Sacred Celtic Lanscape.

John Sharkey is an International best selling author, artist and researcher into Celtic ancient history, spirituality and archeology. John's book entitled 'Celtic Mysteries', first published in 1973, paved the way for the numerous books of this genre thereafter. He has spent years researching the Celtic landscape and Sacred sites to combine his deep historical knowledge with his own very special spiritual philosophy. He is currently writing a new illustrated book edition called 'Rays of Light' which will be launched to coincide with the first film in the 'Sacred Sites and Celtic Landscapes' series.

About Ogham stones:-

"The lore of the trees, or Ogham, became part of a secret language by which different aspects, qualities and uses of trees could be repeated like nursery rhymes: 'How many groups of Ogham? Answer three, namely eight shrub trees' . The eight noble trees-birch, alder, willow, oak, rowan, hazel,apple, ash - formed the initial consonants of an ancient cryptic alphabet, the Beth-Luis-Nion, that could be used as a seasonal calendar if necessary. There were many kinds of Ogham for different parts of the body; thus a tic-tac hand language used the joints of the fingers as letters. Such dactylological codes could be quite useful in the feasting halls and night-long banquets where honour was always seen to be done and the protocol of the spoken word had pre-eminence."

John Sharkey 

Celtic Mysteries - The Ancient Religion

The last tribal culture in Europe was that of the Celtic Lands, whose landscape and traditions hold echoes of the ancient religion of nature and its symbols of death and rebirth.

The Mysteries begin in the frenzy of battle, where the hero is transfigured and the god appears; or in a ghostly circle of stones left by an unknown people; or in the mystic centre of the Celtic cross; or in the stone heads of Gaul and Ireland which face both ways; or in the illusive in-between place of mist and twilight.

A richly illustrated and fascinating volume that traces the social life and arts of the Celtic people from about 500 B.C. through their spread into Britain and Ireland. A must for students of Celtic Art and Art History.

Softcover - 96 pages (with 117 illustrations, 24 in colour)
ISBN 0007142951
Publisher: Thames & Hudson

New Book out Now!

John Sharkey’s new book is a fascinating compilation of the enormous range of traditional healing practices found in Wales, from pre-history to the present day. Split into three historical periods, each subdivided to reflect different aspects of medicine, it is well-planned, well-researched, and well-written.

This massive historical sweep encompasses material including; the operative techniques used by Roman army surgeons, and their legacy; an enlightening discussion of the healing powers of the Welsh saints; the cultural outlook of the Welsh humanists, and the relation of medicine and law in medieval Wales. From the opening section covering the plagues of the early to late medieval period and then moving on to healing associated with sacred sites, other sections touch on spells and herbs, wizardry and cancer cures.

This is an unusual and welcome addition to the history of Wales and provides us with an insight into the lives of its people. Packed with fascinating detail, it is both an enjoyable read and a scholarly work containing very substantial notes.

This book is published by Llanarch Press and is directly available through Llanarch Press Bookshop

John Sharkey can be contacted directly through his email address at:-

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