What the Press say about Adrian Wagner's Music.

In his own inimitable style, Adrian weaves into his music the real story made aural, dangling before us clues and musical triggers (note especially track 4, "Tomb of the Ring Lords"). He opens a collective memory link to evoke imagery of a long-distant past and heritage of the Ring Lords and their faerie companions. This is a journey through the old dark lands, past the excesses of the mediaeval Church and into the light of a new understanding of the Ring Lords."

(Nexus Magazine (September - October 2001 issue) on 'Realm of the Ring'

"Introduce yourself to scales, harmonies, and instrumental tuning not heard since before the Middle Ages. This well-researched composition reveals, at a deep and personal level, the potentially awesome power of music. Not recommended listening while driving a vehicle!"

The New Times (March 2000 issue) on 'Genesis of the Grail'.

"Adrian Wagner is a composer of synthesized music and direct descendant of Richard Wagner, world renowned composer of classical music. Speaking as one who is a huge fan of Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold" and "Flight of the Valkyries," I can honestly say this CD rates as a classic. I normally do not hype a CD much unless it has certain magical qualities that prompt me to an emotional state, i.e. tears. While experiencing Adrian's melodies and without trying to compare him to his famous predecessor, I found myself doing exactly that, and at the sametime realizing that Adrian Wagner's talent for creating beautiful music cannot be denied or ignored. I give this CD my highest recommendation!"

Allen K. Payne on 'Genesis of the Grail'.
Magical Blend Magazine, USA - December 1999.

"This time, while Gardner was writing his second book, 'Genesis of the Grail Kings', Wagner and he collaborated step by step on this new album. In early times, music was totally integrated in royal and religious cultures. Wagner researched these ancient tunings and included them on Genesis. Some aspects of that music were so powerful, the were banned by the Church in the Middle Ages. We hear them re-created on this album, along with the levitational toning rituals used in construction by Tibetan Monks and the Knights Templars."

Nexus Magazine August/September 1999 on 'Genesis of the Grail'.

"During the present Century, numerous instruments have been discovered in kingly burial grounds of old Mesopotamia, proving that structured music has a far older tradition than is generally conveyed. Now, examples of this music of the Gods are resurrected with spectacular effect in Adrian's compelling CD.

The music of the 15 track CD is stunning, at times peaceful, at times ultra-dramatic."

Cambrian News - August 1999 on 'Genesis of the Grail'.

"One of the most intriguing and powerful albums to come out of Wales for a very long time. Adrian's mystical, enigmatic and deeply orchestral exploration of the Grail legend is at once irresistibly mediative yet positively dripping with energy."

Country Quest Magazine on 'The Holy Spirit and The Holy Grail'.

"Truly remarkable beautiful work."

Chalice Magazine on 'The Holy Spirit and The Holy Grail'.

"Wagner's album is a mystical, inspirational trip into the intriguing realms of the Grail mystery and captures the depth of humanity's search for meaning. And it just might help to change your perspective on history, as Gardner's book has done for so many."

Nexus Magazine April/May 1998 on 'The Holy Spirit and The Holy Grail'.

"The Holy Spirit and The Holy Grail', stirs the soul and provokes deep thought in even the most musically inept. The music is nothing short of mesmerising as it creeps up on the listener - gentle and relaxed, exploding with shockingly fervent magnitude into a completely encompassing picture of the story it tells."

Carmarthen Journal - Keith Farr.

"The other day I heard something new. The radio suddenly started to sound as though it were talking to me. Tapping out a little instrumental message. After a while the trickle transformed to a torrent of sound like water washing over the entire room. No words just music!"

Daily Express - Danae Brook on 'Inca Gold'.


"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and touches something that defies mundane description."

Prediction Magazine about 'Merak'.

'The best I can offer you, the reader is to obtain a copy of 'Merak', it doesn't cost a lot and at the same time, opt for the video for an experience not seen since the 60's."

New Dimensions Magazine.

"'Earth' really makes you want to move your body in tribal dance, to connect with the earth whereas 'Air' inspires floating wispy movements."

Kindred Spirit Magazine on 'Karming the Elements'.

"As a British synthesist, Adrian is an individual and inspiring talent, as a conceptualist he's second to none. A lot of people could learn a good deal from him!"

Audion Magazine - Alan Freeman on 'Merak'

What listeners have to say about Adrian Wagner's Music.


Adrian's music is something else; indescribable really; you just know it's about Whom the Grail serves!!

Marge (USA)


'Merak' is an odyssey into diversity (wow!), from the lushness of Planet Inti to the bleakness of the Ice Planet and at all coordinates in between, it seemed so real somehow. This is the first time I ever felt a spaceship actually zoom through my head from left to right. Incredible!

'Karming the Elements' is just marvelous period. I wanted to turn the stereo up full blast, open the doors and windows and let the music out to cleanse the Earth. (It is gratifying to know that Sir Adrian also cares about the environment.)

The Ambient Collection: Volume One (where's two?): 'Glastonbury Grail Meditations' is so relaxing; I felt like I was getting a gentle mind-massage. 'Mother Earth' is a peaceful journey through all the lands of the Eternal Stones, even those hidden by desert sands and impenetrable jungles and mighty waters. The soothing music instilled a sense of being everywhere at all times.

Last but not least, 'Holy Spirit and the Holy Grail' conjures up the same vivid imagery as 'Genesis of the Grail' but with less pageantry. Even the momentous events appear to be conveyed with the same simplicity of the era itself (no doubt a ploy to fool the Romans!). Some of the background sounds, such as listing the kings, was remarkable, yet every song resounded like voices from an ancient past. Once again, I had the feeling of being in a church or temple...not one of the dark, depressing monuments to organized religion, but in a free and open place with access to the inner sanctum where Truth resides.

G. P. (USA)

Hello Adrian,

I was meant to write some time ago to tell you I have listened to your CDs, actually the whole household has, and they are delightful.

But Adrian, oh my, I had the most fascinating dream as I listened to your music and transported myself to the words of Laurence Gardner: A BALLET represented in both music and drama! What do you think? Perhaps approaching a Modern Academy of Ballet instead of Royal. OK It would take like 3 years may be to shape it up with scenarios and all!!! Think about it, the world would just love it and what a message that would be!!!!! Dreams come true you know? What a welcoming to the 21st Century!!!

Best wishes for the future!

E.S. (New Zealand). (See the URL<http://www.mediaquest.co.uk/RealmHG.html>)
On 'Genesis of the Grail'.

Mr. Wagner:

I just received your Holy Spirit/Holy Grail CD in the mail and wanted you to know that I love the music. It touches me deep within my soul. You've done a marvellous job. Thanks!

Dawn on 'Holy Spirit and the Holy Grail'


Thanks for the packet of material you sent - ....HOLY GRAIL CD, etc. It's a fascinating work, well up to the high standards of your past albums as well.


Archie on 'Genesis of the Grail'.


The 'Genesis of the Grail' album arrived and I listened to it first on a CD player through headphones, then on the computer.

After being a lifelong student of history and a librarian for nearly 40 years, including a stint as a genealogist, I KNOW that Sir Laurence is a master scholar and his books are masterpieces of research.

But I don't "know" music, I can only feel it...so I must believe that Sir Adrian is a musical genius. In the album, the environmental, instrumental, and vocal sounds all mixed into a perfect blend; the addition of the 3-D computer graphics was nearly overwhelming. The music evoked almost indescribable emotions ranging from a soothing sweetness to a moving majesty, and around and around again and again. At several points, it seemed as though I were actually in one of the Knights Templars grand cathedrals!

After listening to the album for the first time, I sensed that something very important had just happened to me. After experiencing it through the computer, I realized that I had finally come full circle home.

Needless to say, I have ordered more of Sir Adrian's CDs, and I anxiously await them. Meantime, I shall be singing his praises 'for those with ears to hear'.

G. P. (USA)

Dear Adrian,

I am very impressed by your achievements, Genesis of the Grail and HS&HG.

The selection, "Phoenix and the Fire-Stone was the most intriguing for me. I can only imagine at this point, your intent was based on the ancient Stone-raising ceremonies of the Tibetans, using Drums and Horns. If so, then the correlations between the Cap-stone of the Pyre-amis being raised is obvious. This theme is, or was, central to a collective group of internet associates of mine called Jung-Fire, formed from the precepts expounded by the late C.G.Jung. My "unofficial duties" to the group are that of geomancer, (perhaps someone caught the synchronious check number on my order from?), but mostly I'm known as the Chief Cook and bottle washer. Ha! I provide a humorous element to what would otherwise dissipate into ordinary and mundane discussions.

Nextly, I must comment on your singular stroke of the ancient instrument, the Gong, which sticks out so prominently at the end of "Grail Flight" just before 'The Cup" in HS&HG. As the owner of a finely tuned symphonic Paiste Gong until such time as my son agrees to produce a rousing tribute to the ever loyal butler of the Adam(s) family called Lurch,(You Rang!), I would be very pleased if you could incorporate something of a Gong concerto piece in one of your future productions. Contemporaneously akin to that work "attempted" by John McLaughlin and The Mahavishnu Orchestra back in 1973 in their production of "Birds of Fire" (another Phoenix reference you see?)

Until then, as the motto of the (tongue in cheek) Klingon Clan, attache's of the Stewarts, called Drummonds (used?) to say...

"Gong warily", Stephen W. Dail Chief Cook on board the Jung-Pyre Junk(ship).

Dear Adrian,

Got the new CD today and am just listening - wonderful!


A.P. (U.S.) on 'Genesis of the Grail'.

Hi Adrian

I am listing to Genesis of the Grail as I write this -- the music is very powerful and moving.

N.S. (Canada) on 'Genesis of the Grail'.

Dear Adrian,

Out of interest, and I'm sure there is a logical explanation, but you may like to know that, last night I was listening to your album again.

Is there any reason why I should be hearing heavy chords, not in my head but definitely in the room, after listening to Phoenix / Firestone track & after I had switched the stereo off?

Have you worked some kind of audio after effect?

It sure made me jump!


R.S. (U.K.) on 'Genesis of the Grail'.

Dear Adrian,

Wow! I just received the album and I started vibrating all over when it was played (from Garden of Eden on). How do you do that?

D.G. (U.S.) on 'Genesis of the Grail'.

Mr. Wagner:

I just received your Holy Spirit/Holy Grail CD in the mail and wanted you to know that I love the music. It touches me deep within my soul. You've done a marvellous job. Thanks!

D. (U.S.)

Dear Adrian,

My god Adrian this is AWESOME!! I'm dumbstruck you have totally out done yourself with this one! This is pure heaven listening to your music.... just bliss!!

K.L. (New Zealand) on 'Genesis of the Grail'.

Dear Adrian Wagner,

I have just received your CD and I am very excited about it! I don't consider myself an expert in Sacred Geometry, all I know is what I felt while listening. It was energetic and upbeat. I could actually feel energy moving through me and drawing my attention upwards. I had the opportunity to visit Notre Dame and Stonehenge in 1990; both very awe inspiring. I do recall how I felt at that time and found it amazing. I knew from "Bloodline" that music was capable of the same effect but I had not heard the principles applied to music until now. It was very thought provoking. I enjoyed the entire CD and a few cuts really grabbed my attention. The Anunnaki track was powerful and sounded as if a ship were taking off at the end. I found Lilith to be very sad and beautiful with a promise of ascension.

Thank you for the gift of your music. I look forward to ordering more CD's in the near future. I appreciate the information and find it an honour to correspond with you.

Best Regards,

G.S. (U.S.) on 'Genesis of the Grail'.


I received my 2 CD's about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to let you know that I simply love them! I have been playing them straight since I received them. The music is beautiful and I'm very moved by it.

Thanks again for getting them to me so quickly. I look forward to ordering more music from you.


K. M - USA. on 'Genesis of the Grail' and 'Holy Spirit and the Holy Grail'.

Dear Adrian,

I have a comment about the 2 CD's you sent. I knew I was to listen to them with headphones but when they arrived I was "buried" in paperwork. I was so excited to receive them and put "The Holy Spirit and The Holy Grail" on to listen to while I worked. In a matter of minutes the tears were flowing and my heart was leaping/dancing! It was amazing. Saturday night I was able to listen to them with headphones. There are no words to express my joy. I am grateful to you for sharing your talents and your Being with us.

Peace, dear one. May your music vibrate through the Universe.


D. - USA. on 'Genesis of the Grail' and 'Holy Spirit and the Holy Grail'.

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