The Four Hallows

Whom does the Grail serve?

The Holy Grail means many things to many people. To some it is the mythical quest for the Chalice of the Last Supper supported by the stories of King Arthur and his knights which tell us of the need for the restoration of the Wasteland. The Volsunga Sagas connect with magical swords, rings and spears recounting the conflicts between the family of gods in Valhalla and human like beings above and beneath the earth. The 'Cauldron of Rebirth' represents the Celtic Grail of the ancient mysteries which incorporate the Welsh tales of Taliesin and Irish folklore. To many it is representative of a Spiritual quest of enlightenment which follow the deeper mysteries within ourselves, supported by the archetypes and the symbols that are represented by the struggle of humanity since the dawn of mankind.

Within all these paths there is a common thread throughout and this is symbolised as the 'Cross within the Circle' which offers a simple code of service which we would do well to recognise in our world today:-

'The Grail Serves Those Who Serve'

The Holy Grail today is able to become an emblem to bring people of all nations and religions together in a common bond of liberty, fraternity and equality. At this time in our development we need to rid ourselves of self-serving and feudal systems that have invaded our lives for thousands of years by the ignorant and narrow minded who decide to 'rule' over rather than 'serve' us in the name of religion, capitalism or politics. The 'Grail Bloodline' does not represent a special group of people but a link with all humanity. The archetypes of the Grail are within us all and we have to acknowledge and recognise our own frailties within our individual souls if we are to progress without the need for war, individual conflict or revenge. In this way we will achieve a true and real 'Realm of the Holy Grail'.

MediaQuest aims to bring together an ever growing group of artists, poets, writers and composers who passionately believe in the Spirit of the Grail and in bringing these themes together in a 'New Renaissance' .

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