Introduction to MediaQuest

The name MediaQuest actually contains the complete explanation of our Company's strategy.
Media - Communication through all mediums, through images, graphics, text, sound and music, especially in Digital form.
Quest - Research of related subjects, especially in the historical Grail and Celtic dimensions.
MediaQuest therefore represents a small experienced team dedicated to providing high quality and deep research information using music, literature and fine art products in printed books, audio CDs, CD Roms, DVD Roms, 'Oils Masters' painting sets and canvas prints, the Internet and any other future form of digital media. Our long experience with sound and music also provides additional resources to the emotive atmosphere in the titles we produce.
We have provided our expertise and services to many clients and have worked over the years for the following companies and organisations:-
          • BBC Television Post Production
          • British Pathe Films
          • Transworld Sports International
          • BBC Enterprises
          • Wales Tourist Board
          • Cynyrchiadau ACME Productions Ltd
          • Ysgol Gerdd Ceredigion
          • Radio Ceredigion
          • Genesis Science Research (G.R.S.) Australia
          • Gateway Communications. PTY Ltd. Australia
          • Tangent Music
          • S.C.O.P.E.
          • Swansea Institute of Higher Education.

Meet the MediaQuest team:-

Adrian Wagner, F. Comp. ASMC. - He has worked over 35 years as professional composer, artist and media entrepreneur. His development of the famous Wasp synthesiser in the 1970s gained him experience in running complicated and adventurous projects. A full biography is available on his 'Music of Adrian Wagner' page. He believes in an open team structure which allows each member to have the freedom to apply their own unique talents and experience to the projects. In this way, the occasional accident in experimentation can be fully utilised to achieve a unique result. "Yes, the Chaos theory is busily involved in all our work!"

His overriding passion is to continue his family's tradition of promoting the archetypes relating to the Holy Grail, the feminine element, it's ethics and code of service for the prosperity of human kind in order to spread to all peace and brotherhood across the world.

Stephen Knight - Media, computer, theatre and film engineer with multimedia experience. His talented career started out at the age of 16 when he designed a unique computer link program for Clive Sinclair's Cambridge Computer Company. Recently, he has worked on many theatre, film and multimedia projects and is currently very much involved with new innovations in 3D computer animation. 

Helen Wagner, SRN - Administrator for MediaQuest principally involved with marketing and promotion. Helen started her career in nursing and, in the 1970s, she ran a manufacturing and mail order leather craft company called Capritaurus, specialising in the supply of leather goods to well known personalities, including Pam Ayres. She is also a researcher and editor with her prime interest based around the Holy Grail and our Celtic roots.

Tracy Knight - Co-administrator and director of the MediaQuest Arts and Crafts department. Tracy's passion for the arts and crafts brings a special contribution into MediaQuest. Like her husband, Stephen, she is also involved with all aspects of film production.

John Sharkey - International best selling author and researcher into Celtic ancient history, spirituality and archeology. John's book entitled 'Celtic Mysteries', first published in 1973, paved the way for the numerous books of this genre thereafter. He has spent years researching the Celtic landscape and Sacred sites to combine his deep historical knowledge with his own very special spiritual philosophy. He is the script writer for a number of films for MediaQuest's 'Sacred Sites and Celtic Landscapes' series and is currently writing a new illustrated book edition called 'Rays of Light' which will be launched to coincide with the first film in the series.

We would like to express a special thank you to all others involved with the Team and for their generous support of the projects including the following:-

John Cornwall, Gretchen Schroeder, Adam Skeaping, Rob James, Steve Blenkinsopp, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe, John and Caitlin Matthews, and last but by no means least Marge Jacob from Oregon


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